@calmh are you or any of your core developer team planning to attend FOSDEM 2020 this year? You’ve attended in the past and I’m curious if the conference is worth the trip. The more people that know about the magic of Syncthing the better!


I’ll likely go if there is a critical mass of other Syncthing people planning to go, otherwise not. The conference itself gave me little value last year, and Brussels in February is always horrible so it’s not exactly a pleasant weekend retreat. Imho, no offense intended to any Brusselaar here, etc :wink:

I hope to go, yet it’s hope for now and 6 months away.

I see. I’ve never been, so I was curious how useful it is to projects like Syncthing in terms of networking, advertising, and sparking collaborations. Often there are disparate groups motivated by the same goals and working independently for no other reason than that they are unaware of each other. I was hoping a conference like FOSDEM was a place where such people could meet. I would think that there would be plenty of open source projects who would find Syncthing very useful as a backend utility that enables whatever they are building, like what Heartbeat hoped to do a while back (although obviously that particular project did not succeed).

I think it can be that, but it requires planning up front. It’s difficult to spontaneously meet someone relevant in the throngs of 20.000 participants.