Hi. and are the same site, but which is the preferred URL? The main site links to both, in different places.

forum.s.n is the traditional one. I registered for fun and had the idea to use that as a cooler domain. It turns out this is not trivial though, because 2FA is tied to the domain and similarly GitHub etc OAuth integrations. So it doesn’t work to have two domain names and transition from one to the other smoothly, and I sort of abandoned the experiment half way. I guess the proper solution is to abandon it completely and undo the slight dualness I introduced.

I was just trying to write a post about this issue and the forum alerted me to this thread. My report was going to be that my oauths do not work on, but you know that. I am confirming I just ran into this (why can’t I sign in??? oh, is incorrect link). Turns out it IS a correct link, but not the one I want.