Forum (discourse) moved!

As you may have noticed, the forum has moved to the domain. Hopefully nothing should be broken. Redirects will be served for the foreseeable future. Old URL:s and permalinks should still work. If you find something weird or crappy going on, post here and/or let @robotlovesyou know about it! :thumbsup:

@robotlovesyou you forgot the favicon.

I think he’s working hard on Pulsifying the look…

No, I’m just slow at photoshop :wink:

It’s there now.

@robotlovesyou Why do mails about new posts contain a tracking link?

<p>To respond, visit <a href="" style="color:#666;; text-decoration: none; font-weight: bold; color: #006699;"></a> in your browser.</p>

The new icon looks bad on the phone :frowning:

Hi @Nutomic. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve now turned the click tracking off on outgoing mail.

We’re using mandril for outgoing mail because our ususal SMTP provider doesn’t play very nicely with discourse but it’s all a bit unfamiliar so I really appreciate you bringing that to my attention.

Could you give me a bit more detail. Are you talking about the home screen icon for the forum? Which operating system?

Nice, that thing actually got me worried. Thunderbird showed some nasty phishing warnings.