Forum acting weird today - resources not loading, topics not marked read, etc.

The forum seems to be acting very strange for me today. Some of the resources aren’t loading at all, and the topics aren’t marked read either.

I’ve tried to log out and log in again, but then I repeatedly encountered an error:

You are not permitted to view the requested resource.

After a few trials, I was eventually able to log in, but it hasn’t helped with any of the other issues.

I can’t even upload a screenshot, because it fails with an error. This is how the forum looks at the moment:

Yeah. Avatars not loading is because the “avatar CDN” (?!) that Discourse uses is having trouble. Turning that off made things worse, in that whatever thing in Discourse that is supposed to generate local avatars apparently doesn’t, at all.

I think the rest are probably effects of things timing out, server side. This is Rails, which doesn’t have any real concurrency in processing requests as far as I know. There are a small number of server threads (4?) and if those are busy waiting for avatars from the “avatar CDN”, then other requests don’t happen either…

We’re on the latest version.

The problem seems to be gone now :slightly_smiling_face:.