Forcing a fresh scan-rebuild of a folder without deleting the database?

I would like to rebuild a database for one of the folders because I am getting crap load of no such folder dst stat errors all over and over. So I want to force fresh rebuild of the database for that folder but I do not want to delete actual database because I am sharing 10 different folders and I only need a fresh scan for 1 folder.

I think you can remove the folder, restart syncthing, and re-add the folder.

Hmm that is not so nice of a solution because I am on Android and editing stuff is not easy on a mobile device. I was joping some other commandline etc solution.

In any case at least some kind of method is possible I guess.

Hmmm and using a cmdline on Android is easier than just removing the folder in syncthing gui and re-adding it?

To me, yes. I always use the command line on Android much easier.

You can try using syncthing-cli for that purpose.

Do you mean for forcing to rebuild the database for a certain folder? If what are the arguments for it?


No, syncthing-cli is a CLI which interacts with syncthing over the rest api, it’s a separate binary in a separate repo. You can add remove folders through that as I’ve suggested.

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Cool, thanks for the pointers.


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There’s an options item to reset the index (for all folders).

For the command line, you need root to access the binary (in /data/data/com.nutomic.syncthing/lib/).

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