Force upgrade syncthing [FreeNAS / FreeBSD]

Hello, id like to update my syncthing from v1.4.0.

When i try syncthing -upgrade it gets a error: Upgrade: upgrade not supported.

I have also tried to give it a url for a syncthing file with -upgrade-to

Please help!

You probably installed from a FreeNAS/FreeBSD repository and upgrading was disabled at build time (as that’s handled by the package manager). You can download our release binaries from, which do use auto-upgrading. However if the packagers added any system specific configuration or changes, those won’t be present anymore, which might create problems.

So there is no way to overwrite this? I have to install it again?

No, because it’s disabled at build time, so it’s the maintainers decision to remove the possibility to do that.

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