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I have quite a large repository that I wanted to sync with another computer. I firstly made a copy through a USB disk as the network speed is not too high. Upon completion, the sync started. Now that it seems to be finished, I am getting less files on the client than on the master. It seems there appeared some inconsistences during the USB copy process. How can I “force” the client to re-check all its files and compare them to the client and download the differences?. It does not seem to be happening automatically. (I also have another repository being synced and don’t know if the low bandwidth has something to do with this and most files on the new repo are newer than on the other one…

I have tried rescanning on bothh sides but no inconsistencies are shown…

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This should be the “Override” button on the master, which should show up if there are any inconsistencies on the other devices.

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Yes, It does appear but it does only show 2 files while the numbers show that there are 40 files les in the client… The button has appeared a couple of times (both showing the same two files), but it does not seem to solve the inconsistence. Both sides of the repo have the same ignore patterns active…

By the way, how does bandwidth impact these aspects?

Any other clues?.

Well ignore patterns are most likely effecting the number of files you see. It can be quite inconsistent, even if the patterns are the same, as I think relative to when the index was built, so files that are now ignored could still potentially be accounted for.

I am not sure I understand your bandwidth question.

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Well, I have just removed three files from the repository on the client side and it does not report any incosistence nor does ask for the files to be downloaded from the master. If I delete the repository (not the actual files) and re-add it again… Will it re-create the files that syncthing uses internally thaat could be causing this issue?. Which files are those?.

Regarding the bandwith, forget about it ;-).

By default folders are rescanned every 60 seconds. Be sure to wait for that to happen, or another interval if you’ve changed it. Also make sure the files in question are not ignored.

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It seems that it is indeed a bandwidth problem. Files seem to be being added slowly as there is a sync being performed between the master and the client. The problem with such a low bandwidth is that I did not realized it was happening…


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