follow symlinks on linux does not work

I use syncthing v0.12.20 on ubuntu 14.04lts

I would like syncthing to follow symlinks for a specific folder.

I inserted the line <followSymlinks>true</followSymlinks> in the config file $HOME/.config/syncthing/config.xml for that folder and restarted syncthing.

Syncthing does not follow the softlink.

Maybe I have to do anything further to get it working?

There is no followSymlinks. Sorry.

There was a draft documentation page for the feature while it was in development (and the page said as much), but I’ve deleted it now as it just caused confusion. I’m guessing Google dredged it up.

There is a workable idea out there for implementing followSymlinks, so it may come back in the future.

OK. Thanks for the info.

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