Folders shared with me are always placed in root directory. How do I change this?

I have my Android phone and my Windows PC. If my phone shares “foo” folder with my PC, my PC puts that at “~/foo”, which is to say “C:\Users<myusername>\foo”. I’d rather not have this, as I don’t want a zillion different folders cluttering my root “~” directory and imxing in with everything else there.

Is there some way to make it so all folders shared with me are placed in some custom default directory that’s not “~”? Ideally, I’d want all the folders bundled up in a directory like “~/Syncthing/”. So now “foo” would be placed at “~/Syncthing/foo” by default.

Thanks for the amazing work you do, btw!

It seems that you’ve enabled auto accept for the phone on the PC. Is this correct? If yes, then the behaviour is expected, as auto accept will automatically create all folders shared from the phone with the PC under the default path, which on Windows equals your userprofile directory.

If you’ve enabled auto accept by mistake, please disable it, and then you will be prompted to accept folders and choose their paths manually. Otherwise, you can go to settings and edit default folder configuration, where you can specify your own default path, so that auto-accepted folders will be created there instead.

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Brilliant! Thanks so much, that’s exactly what I wanted. Now that I’ve made the change, I’m guess it won’t automatically move existing folders, so I’ll have to remove them and re-add them so they’re created in the right folder.

Cheers! Keep up the great work! And maybe consider setting the default folder path to “~/Synchthing/”, instead of simply “~/”.

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