Folders do not syncronize

I have two computers which are linked in terms of syncthing; Rwv02A-IS the older computer. I installed a new computer Rwv14-IS and linked folders so they could synchronize. Folder AccsDocs has 55 234 files in 1 686 folders. Once reaching 24 858 files and 772 folders Rwv14-IS indicated the folder is upto date and stops at that point. That was several days ago.

The attachment indicates the information which I have. I am not a computer programmer or developer - I merely use programs so there is little more I can add. Obviously a program which does not work is of little use to anyone and I have already moved the folder to OneDrive, until this gets sorted out. I preferred the notion of peer-to-peer synchronizing which is why I use syncthing and not OneDrive. I am not even sure how to return to this site so see if a solution to my problem exists. I will search on the topic I have created rwv2022-12-27-Syncthing-1.docx (231.7 KB)

Have you checked the “Out of Sync Items”? Is there anything special about them? Are they perhaps limited to a particular folder? Is the problem only about the “AccsDocs” folder that is unfolded in the screenshots?

Judging just by the screenshots, something does look very broken indeed. If you can reproduce the problem (e.g. by removing the folder from Syncthing and then adding and trying to sync it again), I’d say this may require further investigation with debug logs, etc.

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