Folder sync status "up to date", but not all files are synced

Hello! Yesterday I set up the Synching on my desktop and phone to synchronize my camera images. So far everything is fine, almost every file has been successfully synchronized. The status is “up to date”, but the number of files in global and local states is different! I tried to “recan”, but nothing has changed. On my phone I can see that the folder contains 6962 files, which means that 2 files are not synchronized with the desktop.

How can I see which 2 files are missing? How do I fix it? I don’t see any warnings or errors in Syncthing Console, only normal information messages.

Thanks you in advance.


What version are you on?

Latest stable: v1.3.4, Windows (64 bit) and Syncthing-Android 1.3.4

Try upgrading to the latest release candidate.

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