Folder stopped - Error 0.193170 % < 1 %

Folder wont sync. folder stopped. gives error 0.193170 % < 1 % Please assist

Yikes, that error messages was crippled badly (guilty). It means that the disk where your syncthing config and db is stored is out of space.

Thank you for the reply, the drive have 351GB free .

You must either be checking the wrong drive or your drive has ~176TB (351 / 0.002) of space :wink:
You can get the relevant path by running syncthing -paths.

My H:\ drive have 351GB free space. But it still shows this :

|Folder Path|H:\rfyjs-njrnd|

| Error|0.193651 % < 1 %|

It’s about the “home” drive, where your config and db are, not the drive where your folder is.

ah ok !, let me try and uninstall adn install on the H drive. thanks ! :grin:


I’ve got a similar issue going on here: Error 0.179120 % < 1 %

My config and db are on the same disk as my Syncthing folders - I have 96GB free out of 52TB disk space (it’s running on a NAS with a single large volume).

Does this error (config and db disk space low) completely stop progress? As discussed here I was hoping v0.14.51 would proceed with file deletions when disk space is low - but I can’t see any evidence that this is happening. I’ve reverted back to the standard v0.14.51 build (rather than the limited queue version), but that doesn’t seem to have made any difference.

Given the speed of the NAS and the size of my dataset, it might just be that I need to be patient - but I thought it’s worth asking…

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

There are two different checks: One for free space at the config/db location, one at the folder location. With v0.14.51 the check for free space at folder location does no longer stop deletions, but the check at config/db location still does. Even deletions need database access and might increase the db size, so the folder is stopped.

In case of a huge volume like yours, I’d set the minHomeDiskFree (relevant for the config/db check) to an absolute value, maybe 20GiB or something. Then with v0.14.51 deletions will go on, even if the free disk space at folder location is too small momentarily.

Amazing - thanks yet again Simon! That’s two pints I owe you… :grinning:

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