folder permission denied on Truenas Scale

I have a Truenas scale version TrueNAS-SCALE-22.02.2 and used the app store to install syncthing version 1.0.8.

I added a password to the GUI as instructed. I create an SMB share in my first attempt and in the second attempt I created a dataset. In both cases syncthing, when I add a folder, indicates the folder path can’t be found or no permissions. Anyone has a step by step instructions which would explain why permissions do not work?

This is exactly what I am seeing: 2022-07-06 09:58:39: Failed to create folder root directory mkdir /mnt/stor2: permission denied

2022-07-06 09:58:39: Error on folder “pictures-bu” (6sbnq-cqfn6): folder path missing

Probably it’s running Syncthing containerized and needs appropriate volume mounts, hard to say without more info.

syncthing version 1.0.8.

This is not actually a version of Syncthing that exists…

Correct, my apologies, it is a container from the app store, I am assuming.

Any tips on how to set the permissions?

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