Folder path on Rockstor NAS

Hi I’m trying to setup syncthing on my Rockstor NAS but can’t seem to find the correct folder path. I’ve tried lots of different paths. I thought this might be correct but it doesn’t show any of the directory contents. /home/syncthing/Sync/Richard/ Help would be much appreciated. Kind regards Richard

Correct folder path to what?

I’ve added a pool and in that pool I’ve created a share called Richard. I want to use syncthing to backup this share but can’t work out the correct path that I have to enter when creating a syncthing share folder from the web UI? Is that a better explanation? Richard

Hi there,

I think your question would be better suited for the rockstor forum - people here usually have a standard installation of syncthing, whereas the RockStor implementation deals with docker-images and btrfs subvolumes as “shares”.

I do have a rockstor setup but I don’t have access to it right now. But if I remember correctly, you first have to create a share where your syncthing config is supposed to live (database, config file, certificates, etc). That’s gonna be your config-share. If you already have a share with your personal data that you’d like to share using syncthing, you add that as your syncthing data share. This will result in all your files being indexed by syncthing at first- you can then select subfolders and kick out the initial default folder.

edit: All your shares can be found in /mnt2/<sharename>. That’s where your pools live as well, so it can become quite confusing imho

edit2: sorry, just noticed your PM. Hope this helps though, since other people might find it useful

Hi Arne

Thanks for your help, I’ve made some progress now from what you’ve described. I can see the folders but now getting permission denied. I’ll follow your suggestion and try the syncthing forum.

Thanks again

Cheers Richard

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