folder path missing when using UnionFS folder or SharedFolder?

I’m running the latest Syncthing version in Docker and have an issue when adding the ‘combined volume’.

My photo’s folder (NAS running OMV) is split over 2 hard drives because of UnionFS.

  • /srv/67f0b5b0-cdaf-454d-af77-91d551d2bfa3/Photos/2018:/photos2018test1
  • /sharedfolders/Photos/2018:/photos2018test2
  • /srv/dev-disk-by-label-INT8TB/Photos/2018:/photos2018test3

Only the 3rd test works, but that means that I will only have 1 hard drive added. I’d like to add the sharedfolder. Am I missing something or is this a known limitation?

Note: when opening the Docker console I can actually see the folders and their contents. When using “add folder” in synthing GUI, I can only see photos2018test3 as possibility

as soon as I added ACL execute permission to the owner it was working… Hope this saves someone else a bit of time.

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