"Folder path missing" for an existing folder


I started getting stopping folder - folder path missing error on a certain folder at few days ago - since 14.32 or so (now on 14.33RC1). The folder path exists and opens with SyncTrayzor (Win 10). It’s a sub-folder of the OneDrive directory. Marker file (.stfolder) exists, and I checked permissions using the properties menu. I deleted and recreated the shared folder twice, always getting the same error. It is the only folder with this behaviour. It is also the largest folder I share.

Here’s the log: [RHNMV] 2017/07/16 23:01:32.999796 model.go:2344: WARNING: Stopping folder “Share Music”- folder path missing [RHNMV] 2017/07/16 23:01:32.999796 events.go:231: DEBUG: log 619 StateChanged map[folder:to:error from:idle error:folder path missing] [RHNMV] 2017/07/16 23:01:32.999796 model.go:1778: INFO: Stopping folder “Share Music” due to error: folder path missing [RHNMV] 2017/07/16 23:01:32.999796 rwfolder.go:293: INFO: Failed initial scan (rw) of “Share Music”

Can someone please point me to the solution? Couldn’t find anything relevant searching here.


I know OneDrive started using some sort of hackery as to where files are actually located a long while ago. Perhaps you are affected by that.

Alternative, you could try and get a trace with process monitor (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-US/sysinternals/processmonitor.aspx).

Thanks for the quick reply!

The folder worked well a few days ago.

I got a new error this time: 2017-07-16 23:21:00: Creating folder marker: open \?\J:\OneDrive\Music.stfolder: Access is denied.

What should I see with the trace from process monitor?

It seems you somehow managed to modify the config and remove the trailing slash from the path. Modify config.xml manually and add it back.

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