Folder path missing after reboot

Hello everyone,

I have two devices, Odroid HC1 and Odroid HC2, both running Armbian. I’m encountering the same issue on both devices after a system restart - the “Folder path missing” error appears, see screenshots attached.

The interesting thing is that two folders, “Biuro” and “Wideo,” are always recognized, despite having the same location as the others.

I start Syncthing via systemd as a user. When I manually trigger a rescan or Pause all/ Start all, the folders are detected, and everything works as expected.

Added a delay to systemctl [Service] ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 60 It didn’t help.

I’d appreciate any assistance or advice on resolving this issue.

Thank you!

How are you mounting the filesystem these folders are located on?

On both of them, I have OpenMediaVault, and it mounts it automatically.

Most likely it wasn’t mounted when Syncthing started. Syncthing will pick that up on next scan, which may be about an hour, depending on config.

That’s why I added sleep 30s but it didn’t help. These folders are stopped but will they be scanned?

Could you share your fstab or a screenshot of OMVs config of these mounts?

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