"folder path missing" after network share is offline for a few minutes

One of my Windows syncthing-installations has mounted a network share (“Z:…”). The machine that hosts this share reboots every night a 4am. After this time the folder won’t come back and syncthing says “folder path missing”.

Restarting syncthing in the GUI does not help. I need to shut it down and then start it manually. Then the folder is working fine again.

Syncthing Version: v0.14.7

Any ideas?

Regards Dan

Rescanning should fix the issue. If you are using intofy or something along the lines that defers a scan, you might have to force a scan yourself from the UI.

I don’t know what “intofy” is, but rescanning the folder doesn’t help… The path is online - when I copy it from syncthing and paste it into the Windows explorer it opens right away.

Edit: Ok, that’s funny. The problem only occurs when syncthing is installed unter C:\Program files\syncthing. When I run it from C:\syncthing everything works fine. Any ideas?

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