folder on encrypted sd card

Hello everybody,

I use Android 5.0 and syncthing 0.7.10 from f-droid.

The micro-SD card is fully encrypted by Androids build in function.

I share a folder on the encrypted external sd card that is /storage/extSdCard/Android/data/com.nutomic.syncthingandroid/files/myFolder/

At first every thing seems to work fine but then I noticed some problems:

Android sometimes touches the files so that syncthing detects changes where there are no changes. Syncthing syncs to other devices where conflicts are produced.

Yesterday my Android got a system update. After that it touched and corrupted lot’s of files that where not readable anymore!

After reboot of the phone, the files were not coruppted any more. Syncthing had to sync ALL FILES again. Maybe I do not have to look for my backups. I have to check this.

I guess it is not a bug of syncthing but of the android operating system. But would be nice if we can find workarounds.

Does anybody have similar problems or ideas how to handle?

Is there a chance to mark the device as

read only / untrusted / slave

so that it can not destroy anything?

Currently, no. You can mark the other side as “master”, which has the same effect if there are only two devices.

OK, I will try

I have to treat one device as “server” and share all folders once more from there to the problematic device and mark as master.