Folder "not syncronized"

(Sven) #1

Hi, since a few days Syncinthing states for one specific Folder “not synchronized”. All other Folders are working fine. Folder is on SD-Card, after the last Android release, I created a “.stfolder” (beforehand it was a file…).

Any idea and help is appreciated.



Syncthing for android can’t write to phone’s external SD-Card.

For now, you can use it only to sync Phone-to-elsewhere in one direction, by creating .stfolder manually and setting the share to “send-only”.

A proper support for SD-Cards may appear on the horizon, once PR #959 is implemented.

Also, if I remember correctly, on the phone is rooted it’ll work.

(Felix Ableitner) #3

This workaround should fix your problem:

(Sven) #4

Thanks but this is exactly what I did. I created the folder manually and it’t “send only”. It worked fine for a few days but now - out of nothing - it stopped. In the Android app it states on the sync overview “not syncronized”

(Felix Ableitner) #5

Is there any error in the web interface or in the logs?

(Sven) #6

Yes in the Android error log! But I can’t sahre the error link here as I get error message (new user can’t share more then one link / new user can’t upload files) - sorry blond question: How can I share my error log here?

(Felix Ableitner) #7

I’ve changed your trust level, you should be able to post links now.

(Sven) #8

Attached the error log.Android Log.txt (28.9 KB)

(Felix Ableitner) #9

There’s no info in those logs. Check the logs in Settings -> Debug (Syncthing log).

(Sven) #10

New try… Settings -> Debug -> OPen Log -> Show Android logAndroid Log New.txt (33.4 KB)

(Felix Ableitner) #11

Hmm there’s almost nothing in those logs from Syncthing. And I meant that you should check the Syncthing logs, not Android logs (Syncthing logs should be shown by default when you open that screen).

(Sven) #12

The Syncthing log so far was empty, now this was visible:

--------- beginning of main ionice: exec 27831: Permission denied [HHDTI] 18:03:55 INFO: Ready to synchronize "S7 DCIM Ext. " (Sdi5-158sj) (readonly) [HHDTI] 18:03:55 INFO: Send rate is unlimited, receive rate is unlimited [HHDTI] 18:03:55 INFO: Rate limits do not apply to LAN connections [HHDTI] 18:03:55 INFO: TCP listener ([::]:22000) starting [HHDTI] 18:03:55 INFO: Completed initial scan of readwrite folder "S7 Threema Backup " (Gtfv28hgdr) [HHDTI] 18:03:56 INFO: Device A6Q6FI2-S2T75L4-JBXCXK3-WCCRGTR-YSJXMKV-EMLDE2H-PEKSHSA-L46MGQX is “Surface Book” at [dynamic] [HHDTI] 18:03:56 INFO: Device HHDTIH6-3U6PUZU-PWNLGXM-LKJTLL2-2PIIDEZ-WZGVV46-DI7EIRW-3G37BQA is “localhost” at [dynamic] [HHDTI] 18:03:56 INFO: No automatic upgrades; STNOUPGRADE environment variable defined. [HHDTI] 18:03:56 INFO: GUI and API listening on [HHDTI] 18:03:56 INFO: Access the GUI via the following URL: [HHDTI] 18:03:56 INFO: Completed initial scan of readwrite folder "S7 Pictures " (Dvi81_5+5-fr) Using DNS servers: [] [HHDTI] 18:03:56 INFO: Completed initial scan of readwrite folder "S7 WA Media " (Fa5-d92d/) [HHDTI] 18:03:56 INFO: Completed initial scan of readwrite folder "S7 Musik " (Vz-28bu) [HHDTI] 18:03:57 INFO: Established secure connection to A6Q6FI2-S2T75L4-JBXCXK3-WCCRGTR-YSJXMKV-EMLDE2H-PEKSHSA-L46MGQX at (tcp-client) (TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_CHACHA20_POLY1305) [HHDTI] 18:03:57 INFO: Device A6Q6FI2-S2T75L4-JBXCXK3-WCCRGTR-YSJXMKV-EMLDE2H-PEKSHSA-L46MGQX client is “syncthing v0.14.38” named “Surface Book” [HHDTI] 18:03:57 INFO: Completed initial scan of readonly folder "S7 DCIM Ext. " (Sdi5-158sj) --------- beginning of system [HHDTI] 18:04:06 INFO: Detected 0 NAT devices

(Felix Ableitner) #13

Hmm I can’t see any error there. Does the web GUI show any warning?

(Sven) #14

Suddenly the sync is working again - even though the Interface (Android) is still stating “Nicht syncronisiert” (in red) = not syncronized.