Folder "not syncronized"

Hi, since a few days Syncinthing states for one specific Folder “not synchronized”. All other Folders are working fine. Folder is on SD-Card, after the last Android release, I created a “.stfolder” (beforehand it was a file…).

Any idea and help is appreciated.


Syncthing for android can’t write to phone’s external SD-Card.

For now, you can use it only to sync Phone-to-elsewhere in one direction, by creating .stfolder manually and setting the share to “send-only”.

A proper support for SD-Cards may appear on the horizon, once PR #959 is implemented.

Also, if I remember correctly, on the phone is rooted it’ll work.

This workaround should fix your problem:

Thanks but this is exactly what I did. I created the folder manually and it’t “send only”. It worked fine for a few days but now - out of nothing - it stopped. In the Android app it states on the sync overview “not syncronized”

Is there any error in the web interface or in the logs?

Yes in the Android error log! But I can’t sahre the error link here as I get error message (new user can’t share more then one link / new user can’t upload files) - sorry blond question: How can I share my error log here?

I’ve changed your trust level, you should be able to post links now.

Attached the error log.Android Log.txt (28.9 KB)

There’s no info in those logs. Check the logs in Settings -> Debug (Syncthing log).

New try… Settings -> Debug -> OPen Log -> Show Android logAndroid Log New.txt (33.4 KB)

Hmm there’s almost nothing in those logs from Syncthing. And I meant that you should check the Syncthing logs, not Android logs (Syncthing logs should be shown by default when you open that screen).

The Syncthing log so far was empty, now this was visible:

--------- beginning of main ionice: exec 27831: Permission denied [HHDTI] 18:03:55 INFO: Ready to synchronize "S7 DCIM Ext. " (Sdi5-158sj) (readonly) [HHDTI] 18:03:55 INFO: Send rate is unlimited, receive rate is unlimited [HHDTI] 18:03:55 INFO: Rate limits do not apply to LAN connections [HHDTI] 18:03:55 INFO: TCP listener ([::]:22000) starting [HHDTI] 18:03:55 INFO: Completed initial scan of readwrite folder "S7 Threema Backup " (Gtfv28hgdr) [HHDTI] 18:03:56 INFO: Device A6Q6FI2-S2T75L4-JBXCXK3-WCCRGTR-YSJXMKV-EMLDE2H-PEKSHSA-L46MGQX is “Surface Book” at [dynamic] [HHDTI] 18:03:56 INFO: Device HHDTIH6-3U6PUZU-PWNLGXM-LKJTLL2-2PIIDEZ-WZGVV46-DI7EIRW-3G37BQA is “localhost” at [dynamic] [HHDTI] 18:03:56 INFO: No automatic upgrades; STNOUPGRADE environment variable defined. [HHDTI] 18:03:56 INFO: GUI and API listening on [HHDTI] 18:03:56 INFO: Access the GUI via the following URL: [HHDTI] 18:03:56 INFO: Completed initial scan of readwrite folder "S7 Pictures " (Dvi81_5+5-fr) Using DNS servers: [] [HHDTI] 18:03:56 INFO: Completed initial scan of readwrite folder "S7 WA Media " (Fa5-d92d/) [HHDTI] 18:03:56 INFO: Completed initial scan of readwrite folder "S7 Musik " (Vz-28bu) [HHDTI] 18:03:57 INFO: Established secure connection to A6Q6FI2-S2T75L4-JBXCXK3-WCCRGTR-YSJXMKV-EMLDE2H-PEKSHSA-L46MGQX at (tcp-client) (TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_CHACHA20_POLY1305) [HHDTI] 18:03:57 INFO: Device A6Q6FI2-S2T75L4-JBXCXK3-WCCRGTR-YSJXMKV-EMLDE2H-PEKSHSA-L46MGQX client is “syncthing v0.14.38” named “Surface Book” [HHDTI] 18:03:57 INFO: Completed initial scan of readonly folder "S7 DCIM Ext. " (Sdi5-158sj) --------- beginning of system [HHDTI] 18:04:06 INFO: Detected 0 NAT devices

Hmm I can’t see any error there. Does the web GUI show any warning?

Suddenly the sync is working again - even though the Interface (Android) is still stating “Nicht syncronisiert” (in red) = not syncronized.