Folder not making progress

I have a remote linux server hosting a Big SVN Repository. I have syncthing, syncing that to my Local PC. Below is a pastebin of the constant issues I have with syncing, that makes syncthing not function entirely for this.

I am more than willing to work with the Developer and get this fixed, as it seems to be a very huge bug that stops this from functioning like any other syncing software, BTSync included. I really disliked BTSync, but it did work however…

So read this thread, for the sake of argument:

Also, check what’s actually left in the folder, and make sure you rescan on both sides.

I’m using this as a way to backup the SVN Repo, as it is self hosted. I guess i’ll have to abandon Syncthing for this and use Rsync. It worked fine on BTSync fyi.

Also my issue still stands, as this happens on my regular syncthing folders I use. So Its still a bug that syncthing doenst handle issues in syncing well.

Mostly it seems if for instance i add a folder to syncthing’s watched dir’s. and then i delete it while its syncing, it freaks out and doesnt know what to do.