Folder never 100% sync because of ignored files out of sync

Hello, Can someone help me sort out this never-ending sync ?

I set up a folder on computer A, and specified to ignore (?d)Thumbs.db (?d).DS_Store

I connected computer B to computer A, and then from computer A was pushed the folder to sync, which I happily accepted on computer B. The folder synced up to 99% on computer A, and NOT 100%. It says Out of sync items : 3 items. When I click on this “3 items” link, I see…well : Thumbs.db and .DS_Store files.

I did try to go to the other computer and add the same ignore rules. But on computer A, the sync state remains at 99% and it still lists these files as being out of sync.

What should I do to finally get that sync completed to 100% ?

It’s my first time with SyncThing, I probably did a rookie mistake or two somewhere and I’m willing to learn ! Thanks for your help !

Screenshots of this from A and B to clearer see what’s happening? As far as I understand this shouldn’t happen.

Ah. Thanks for reading. Actually my understanding of the issue was wrong, hence my description incomplete. Sorry about that.

For the record : the shared folder was shared with multiple computers, from A to B, from A to C, from A to D… And the ignored files were not configured on ALL the other computers. When I completed the ignore configuration on all computers, all transfers completed to 100% sync.

Sorry for the false alarm and thank you for your time.

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What you’ve experienced is a known issue:

It’s annoying but doesn’t affect the actual synchronisation.

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