Folder Master and RW Nodes (again)


i need some feature, that is called Read/Write Access and Read-Only on BTSync. I guess for my case it is the only missing thing besides Proxy-support.

if a node has got the RW-Key , it can send the repo to other nodes if a node is only read-Only, it can only receive and distribute the files.

So there should be a possibility to have more contributors for one Repository, thats the goal.

Maybe a FolderMaster/FolderMaster-Sync would be a small solution for this.

also described here:

thanks and sorry for raising this again… but this seems to be a pretty need


Maybe instead of master as a per repo setting we should do something like this as a checkbox for every node under “Share with Devices”, something like “do not accept changes from this node”.

I could imagine a solution to get something like this with the current implementation of the master: -Devices with write access have a repo “abc” which they don’t share with the devices that should be read only -devices with write access add another repo “abc-readonly” which points to the same folder as “abc” and set the option “Folder Master” and share it only with the devices that get read only.

  • see if you get errors thrown at you because this is probably a bad idea :smiley: (should work if you only have one master that distributes the repo to the readonly devices)

@Alex: yes, indeed. thats the readonly-flag (key) for users as implemented on BTSync…

so a checkbox per Device “do not accept changes from this node” would implement the same.

you are completely right. thanks for this suggestion

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