folder marker missing

I am running v0.10.2 on a Synology DS214.

I have three folders-- two of which are subfolders of the first, i.e. the folder structure is as follows


I also have machines NAS, Linux1, Linux2, Android1, Android2

A is shared with NAS, Linux1, Linux2 B is shared with NAS, Linux1, Linux2, Android1 C is shared with NAS, Linux1, Linux2, Android2

Folder B seems to work perfectly, whereas Folder C and Folder A both give “folder marker missing” errors on the NAS, but are fine on Linux1 and Linux2.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that Linux1 and Linux2 are running v0.10.1

Why are you sharing B and C between NAS, Linux1 and Linux2 when they already have those folders as part of A? Is there something weird here that I’m missing?

I want to make sure that all three machines end up with the data; Redundancy.

Yes… But if NAS, Linux1 and Linux2 are already sharing A, they also have B and C which are subfolders. So no need to explicitly share B and C once more?

I don’t see why doing so would break in the way you describe, but it’s going to be very confusing for syncthing anyhow. For example a change in B would also be a change in A, so it would try to sync the same change twice…

Okay, I removed the broen folder and added them only sharing with the machines once (BTW, Folder B was not shared in the way I said) and everthing seems to work. So, I guess the problem was the complex sharing.

You should have just created a empty file called .stfolder in B and C and it would have been fixed. Did you have some problems with these two folders as you were upgrading?

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In fact, it was A and C that were the problems, but no I had no troubles.

It’s strange that the upgrade process did not create the marker. Perhaps you added them after the upgrade and that’s where the bug hides?