Folder marker missing -- over and over and over again but only one one folder?

I have multiple different folders that are syncing across 4-5 different devices and there is only one that is giving me fits. It syncs fine on 2 devices but my third device (running Unraid) will properly sync it and then 1-2 days later the marker disappears and it shows an error message.

It appears that the data is still there but where does the marker go?? I then need to remove the folder, re-add it from another device and then allow my Unraid server to rescan (which takes 24-48 hours.) How can I find out what’s going wrong?

Maybe unraid or some other program on your server picked up that nasty habit of “cleaning” empty directories?


I haven’t been able to find anything but you may be right… I’ll keep looking!

Are you using more than one instance and work with the same folder? If this the case and you add and delete a folder in one of the instances, the folder marker is also lost for the second or other instances.

This was it! I finally realized I was running a script that was cleaning up folders below a certain size. Now just to fix that somehow…

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