folder marker missing and then folder path missing

I’m a complete newbie and not sure how to proceed without losing data.

I have a working setup among 5 devices and now I wanted to convert a folder to encrypted to 1 of the devices as an untrusted host. I removed the folder connections from all the devices to the untrusted host and also on the untrusted host.

I then deleted the folder on the untrusted host but left the directory empty. I readded the untrusted host on another device with a password and then accepted the request on the untrusted host and got “folder marker missing” go to forum to find out how to proceed.

I did searches, but I am not confident as people have lost data creating an .stfolder.

I deleted the folder links on all the devices and this time deleted also the directory on the untrusted device. When readding I now get “folder path missing”.

I’m not sure the proper way to proceed to get this syncing?

The explanation sounds like you could be affected by something similar to Please try to remove and re-add the folder once again. If you see the “folder marker missing” error message after doing so, please try to restart Syncthing first.

Ok thank you. Got it syncing with these steps…

  1. I removed all folder links, deleted the whole folder and restarted only on the untrusted host.

  2. re-added link with password to untrusted host, accepted this on untrusted host. at this point, untrusted host was saying up to date and the sending host was stuck on “syncing (13%, 160MiB)” and not moving.

  3. I decided to restart the sending host and it starting syncing with the untrusted host.

the untrusted host now has the encrypted files. thanks!

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