Folder list no longer sorted alphabetically in Actions -> Advanced as of 0.14.48

As of 0.14.48, the folder list is no longer sorted alphabetically when you go to Actions -> Advanced. The folder list in the main GUI is still alphabetical, but it’s no longer alphabetical in the Advanced menu.

This is an issue because the folder list also now shows up non-alphabetically in the Folders menu in syncthing-macosx.

Is there a way to force re-sorting the list alphabetically, so that syncthing-macosx once again shows an alphabetical folder list?

The advanced settings dialog shows things as they are in the config. In the config, folders are sorted by their folder ID. That’s not necessarily an order that makes sense for humans, who rather look at the label. I think it’s “always” been this way.

Syncthing-macosx should sort in the GUI in a way that makes sense for humans. I see there is already an issue on it, so that’s good. :+1:

I have provided a fix in syncthing-macosx to generate a sorted folders menu based on the label property.


Forgot to add a link to the actual fix

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