Folder is "out of sync" stuck at 99% 512B

This happens about three times a week. Seems it happens when I actively working on a file, even as I save it and keep working on it.

On PC, GUI shows the phone is stuck at 99% 512B. The file seems to sync OK to the phone though when I view it.

If I have to guess, from looking at the output in shell, this is because of NAT restriction (I do not have ports open for Syncthing). I haven’t had ports open for Syncthing previously either, so something else is going on,

Here’s the output (note - I took out the device ID. I work with a VPN atm, but this is an issue with or without)

07:27:38 INFO: Device Z**** client is “syncthing v0.14.48-dirty” named “Pixel 2” [V4TT6] 07:27:42 INFO: kcp:// detected NAT type: Port restricted NAT [V4TT6] 07:27:42 INFO: kcp:// resolved external address kcp:// (via [V4TT6] 07:27:57 INFO: Joined relay relay:// [V4TT6] 07:28:05 INFO: Established secure connection to Z**** at (tcp-client) (TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_CHACHA20_POLY1305) [V4TT6] 07:28:05 INFO: Replacing old connection with for Z**** [V4TT6] 07:28:05 INFO: Connection to Z**** closed: reading length: read tcp> use of closed network connection [V4TT6] 07:28:05 INFO: Device Z**** client is “syncthing v0.14.48-dirty” named “Pixel 2”

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Please post screenshots from both sides

I can only do one image (I’m new user). on the phone, it says simply “Out of Sync” for the Journal folder and the TW folder which is shared with it.

Check the web ui. There is usually a failed items list explaining what is not synced and why

Where is this list? I’m trying to find it. Is it simply called “failed items”?

It’s in the UI for the given folder, both Out of Sync and Failed are clickable:


Yet you should check on the receiving side, not the sending side.

Thank you.

I do not see that (see picture). Only have out of sync items, which is indeed clickable – but it only shows me which items have the problem, not much more info there.error3

You are checking on the wrong side. The reason why the remote device cannot download the files will be on the remote device.

OK I found out what the issue was (at least this time) and it’s not Syncthing fault. The app on the sending device, Emacs in my case, had the files open. This is not always the case because Emacs can be a bit weird about when sometimes a buffer is closed and when it’s really closed. Got out of the app, and it synced right away.

I thought though that Syncthing could sync the saved files anyway… But I’ll figure it out there are ways around that.

Thanks for clarifying, next time I’ll use on the right side to troubleshoot.

I have the same thing (3 items, 384B) on my Mint 18.3 box, and the out-of-sync items are all folders, with an empty “size” column, claiming the “Mod Device” is the other computer (running OSX). The OSX computer says everything is up to date.

Is this a bug? I have removed / re-added these folders on both sides in Syncthing, and I’ve closed all running applications on both sides. Note last time when I removed / re-added the folder on the Mint side, it stalled out with one folder instead of 3. Prior to that, there were many folders stalled out.

In any case, what does it even mean for a folder to be out of sync like this? Does it mean all of its contents will not sync, or something more benign?

Thanks! Jack

Failures are per file. If you are looking at remote out of sync item, you will not known what the cause is. The cause is only shown to the local device. If you are still having issues, please post screenshots.

But the other computer just says everything is fine. Where do I look to find the cause?

Syncing is fine, if the folders (as opposed to remote devices) on both sides are up to date. Even if there are failed items, pulling and scanning will still happen and everything that works, is synced.

Do you really have 3 items, 384B in the status but only dirs, without a size in the list? That would be very weird. Screenshots will help :wink:

Here is what the OSX machine looks like from the Mint machine:

and the items:

The mod device is the OSX machine. The OSX machine shows everything as sync’d and happy.

Can you provide a screenshot from the other side?

(I moved this to a newer thread about stuck files, but can look for the folder problem if you like.)

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