Folder is filled with syncthing files when upgrade fails many times in a row

32-bit Syncthing for Windows wasn’t upgrading from 0.13.9 to 0.13.10, saying access is denied to syncthing.exe. I didn’t have the time to investigate further (not my PC), so I just updated it to 0.14.4 manually for now.

Thing is, the folder that holds the executable also had many files named syncthing, totalling over 4 gigabytes. I’m assuming that every time upgrading failed, the new file that couldn’t be used to replace syncthing.exe was left in the folder with a new name. I’m not sure if this issue is already known, but this could be problematic on a device without much storage space.

I thought this was known, but I can’t find an issue for it so it seems to have been forgotten. Mind filing one?

There’s a first time for everything; Failed upgrade leaves a syncthing file in program folder


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