Folder in folder by default settings on desktop (not phone)

Dear fellow users of Syncthing,

Thanks for this fine app. As a nontechy I have a question:

I would like to sync the content of the existing folders on both my phone and Linux desktop with eachother, but I end up with two different results with default setting (see below). Thus I would like to ask the more experience users for advice.

Both on my my LineageOS 17.1 phone (FairPhone3) and on my Linux Mint 20.1c desktop I use Syncthing v1.14.0 /Fermium Flea. I have this issue with Photos and Pictures, which I have set as follows with default settings:

On my LineageOS phone (settings):

  • Photos: Camera in /emulated/0/DCIM
  • Pictures: Pictures in /emulated/0/Pictures

On my Linux m20.1c desktop (settings):

  • Photos: Camera in ~/Pictures/FP3/Camera
  • Pictures: Pictures in ~/Pictures/FP3/Pictures

But I end up with:

On my LineageOS phone (results are normal):

  • Photos: Camera in /emulated/0/DCIM/Camera/[Files]
  • Pictures: Pictures in /emulated/0/Pictures/[Files]

On my Linux m20.1c desktop (results are not what I prefer):

  • Photos: Camera in ~/Pictures/FP3/Camera/Camera/[Files], with thus the issue folder Camera in folder Camera…
  • Pictures: Pictures in ~/Pictures/FP3/Pictures/[Files]

Thus due to some settings, I end up with /FP3/Camera/Camera/[Files] (not prefered) and /FP3/Pictures/[Files] (prefered).

My question is: What do I have to do, to end up with just /FP3/Camera/[Files] and /FP3/Pictures/[Files]? All other syncthing settings, like for folders Documents and Movies/Videos, results /FP3/[Label]/[Files]thus what I prefer. Only the settings for Camera is misbehaving…

Hopefully we can sort things out together…


On my phone:

Syncthing Web UI:

Tree in Nemo sidebar:

From what you have written, it seems that you need to change the path (i.e. remove and re-add the folder in Syncthing) on Android for the Camera folder from




Make sure to back up the existing files before the operation, just in case.

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Thanks, that did indeed the trick.

The reason why I did not messed with it was, because it was set like that automatically/on default by Syncthing itself. Thus maybe a tip to ajust this in the next version of Syncthing?

I would guess that the reason to sync the whole DCIM directory and not just DCIM/Camera could be that different camera applications can use different subfolders for their files. For instance, the default AOSP camera app uses DCIM/Camera, but an application like Open Camera uses its own subfolder (at least by default). Other 3rd party apps can have their own separate subfolders too, so synchronising the whole DCIM by default is likely the most compatible option.


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