Folder ID changed after system restart

I have a very new setup of Syncthing which runs in a Docker container on a TerraMaster NAS. I used the syncthing/syncthing image from Docker Hub.

A sheduled power off (last night) and power on (this morning) of the NAS resulted in the shared folder ID changing.

Is there something I need to modify with Docker or Syncthing or both to make the folder ID persistent?

Docker by defaul does not persist any file changes made in the container, so everything is lost as the point the container exits, including syncthng’s config etc.

Please refer to docker manual/help page.

Thank you @AudriusButkevicius.

The Folder ID has survived the last system restart.

I have not changed anything, and so it seems my Syncthing on Docker installation has sorted the issue on its own. I hope this remains moving forward.

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