Folder icons keep resetting

Hello, this is my first post since joining this forum. I have set up syncthing on my Windows 10 PCs for more than a year and the setup has been working quite well. The only issue is with folder icons. I use distinct built-in Windows icons for different folders, but after syncing every time icons reset back to Window’s default folder icon. Is there any way of stopping this? Thank you.

No, there is no way to stop this.

What’s the cause though? How is this stored on Windows?

I suspect as an extended attribute equivalent.

Yeah. But we don’t do much to folders while syncing so I would expect that to survive once it’s set up, although of course not be synced from one place to another.

AFAIK icon data is stored inside hidden desktop.ini file inside the given folder. Try adding (?d)desktop.ini line to the ignore list (on every node).

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