Folder deletion in new version (manual only?)

Just upgraded, so far so good.

Except I had to manually delete two folders from the config.xml, as when I tried via the web GUI they kept coming back even after I unshared them from all the other nodes and tried again.

Coincidentally, both of these folders were the largest.

All fine now, but is this expected?

Certainly not expected. I’m not in a position to try to reproduce it at the moment, but do file it on Github at least.

Alse check if you can repro after restarting the browser.

I restarted the browser a few times before I manually deleted the folders, so I reckon the problem persisted past that.

In other news, I’ve just upgraded a different node and I’d no problem deleting the two folders on that one.

Both are ARM machines, the one I had to manually delete on is an Odroid XU4 which doesn’t get its updates via Syncthing itself instead it’s plain apt-get.

The other which had no problems with the deletion is a Raspberry Pi which uses Syncthing’s own upgrade route.

Otherwise, I don’t think there are any major differences between the machines.

I’ll be adjusting & upgrading a few more nodes today - so after that I’ll log a github and keep you posted.

Cheers for the replies all :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay, I’m 5 nodes later - the issue is confined to nodes with an apt-get upgrade route as far as I can see.

I’m out of such apt-get nodes for replication - though I’ll migrate one back / forth for the checking, as you need.

Only one R-Pi node gave me a stubborn deletion and it was previously an apt-get desktop identity that I migrated.

Apologies for the request, but what would you like me to capture before I re-jig a node for replication?

Most of my nodes have a quick turn-around so I can’t choose all of them to use as test objects.

As always a million thanks for the software, it has made my working life a joy :slight_smile:

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