Folder created at read only sd-card?

(Robert) #1

Hi all,

I ecperienced a behavior what I don’t understand:

  • Syncthing cannot write to the sd-card outside its app folder
  • I want to share my camera folder, so I created a send only Folder pointing to it
  • Syncthing creates the .stfolder

How is this possible?

Best regards and thanks Robert

(Simon) #2

Magic :smiley:

That was a recent improvement by @Catfriend1: The app/wrapper creates .stfolder, thus Syncthing itself doesn’t need to write anything, thus making it possible to create a send-only share.

(Catfriend1) #3

Correct. Good explanation :slight_smile:


@Catfriend1 Nice idea, thanks. (I’m going to add some send-only folders now.)

(system) #5

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