Folder Changes - Case Sensitive?

I’ve come across something in Syncthing. I have 1.3.4 running on a Raspberry Pi and I am syncing from 1.3.4 on Windows. I have a folder on Windows that is shared to the Pi that has other folders within it. The share on the Pi is set to “Ignore Permissions”.

If I add a number to a folder that has synced, so for example I change a folder from “Folder” to “Folder 1”, this syncs to the Pi and the original “Folder” is deleted and I’m left with “Folder 1”.

If I change this to “Folder 2”, again, “Folder 1” is deleted and I’m left with “Folder 2”.

But, if I now change “Folder 2” to be “FoldeR 2”, a brand new “FoldeR 2” is created and I’m also left with “Folder 2” on the Pi.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?


Case-only renames are a known issue. This is because Windows filesystems are (by default) case insensitive, but Linux filesystems are usually not.