Folder access with not synced computer


just a short question about permissions. I’ve got a NAS which is synced with my computer.

The issue: If I try to access my synced folder with another (not synced) computer, the access is denied.

Anybody an idea how to solve that?

The settings are mostly default.

Probably it is quite easy, but I am not very experienced with syncthing, just using the interface, I did not code so far.

You should access the folder with the user that syncthing is running as.

Is there no other way?

There has to be one…

Actually, it has been possible for the first two days.

You can use normal filesystem permissions and permit the files to be readable/writable by other users, but you have to get in the habbit of doing that on both sides, as permissions are also synced. You can disable permission syncing by the configuration flag in the folder options, in which case syncthing will fall through to using umask, which you can read about by googling.

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