Folder access denied

Syncthing’s getting Access Denied trying to access My Documents folder on Windows 7. It causes a crash of Synctrayzor. I posted both logs here:

Any thoughts as to why My Documents might be inaccessible would be appreciated.


Relevant line from Syncthing’s log:

[CZRBW] 08:19:25 WARNING: Stopping folder "NES" - readlink \\?\c:\Users\NES\My Documents: Access is denied.

What user is Syncthing/SyncTrayzor running as?

Syncthing is running as User 'NES’ Syncthing is also syncing another User’s files on the same PC.

Be aware that ‘My Documents’ is some sort of weird link on Windows Vista and above, iirc. Try C:\Users\NES\Documents

That’s probably the issue, I too recall that Windows is sensitive to the use of the folder My Documents. I’ll try your suggestion and revert with some feedback tonight. Thanks.