First sync taking days on synology nas, taking 1GB RAM, stuck at 500 items out of 769

That copying thing sounds great…

For the test, I did mount the files using cifs (samba), and it put some load on the nas by transferring at 50Mio/s for the night, but it did sucessfully index…

My “issue” here is that I do not know if the indec files found in the var/index folder are “sensitive to absolute path”… Let me explain, the “movie” folder that I want to index hes here on the nas : /volume1/video/movies And on my desktop (big CPU), it’s in /media/myNas/video/movies

Also, I had other folders indexed on my desktop, but it indexes fast, so I can remove them for the time beeing, but I want to be sure of what I should do to make it work…

1/ mount the movies folder on my desktop usinc cifs and shutdown syncthing on the nas 2/ add a folder in syncthings on my desktop linked to /media/myNas/video/movies 3/ once my desktop has indexed everything, I shutdown syncthing, and move the whole var/index folder to the nas 4/ start syncthing on the nas => it will find all files already indexed ? It will only have to deal with the deltas ?

That would be awesome…

I fear that the samba thiong on the nas is playing with the ACLs on the files to make it “windows-like”, maybe you would advise me to use NFS instead of cifs ?

I think indexes are relative to the folder path so it might work.

I copied all files that were in var folder over to the NAS, and it seems to work like a charm :

0 ✓ syncthing@machineA /var/packages/syncthing/target/var $ /usr/local/syncthing/bin/syncthing --home /usr/local/syncthing/var/ STHEAPPROFILE
[monitor] 11:57:05 INFO: Starting syncthing
[6HYH3] 11:57:14 INFO: syncthing v0.10.11 (go1.3.3 linux-arm default) cytec@debian 2014-12-08 19:26:18 UTC
[6HYH3] 11:57:46 INFO: Starting web GUI on
[6HYH3] 11:57:53 INFO: Starting UPnP discovery...
[6HYH3] 11:57:59 INFO: UPnP discovery complete (found 1 device).
[6HYH3] 11:57:59 INFO: Created UPnP port mapping for external port 35087 on UPnP device 'Freebox Server' (
[6HYH3] 11:57:59 INFO: Starting local discovery announcements
[6HYH3] 11:57:59 INFO: Starting global discovery announcements
[6HYH3] 11:57:59 OK: Ready to synchronize Films (read only; no external updates accepted)
[6HYH3] 11:57:59 INFO: Device BBBBBBB-BBBBBBB-BBBBBBB-BBBBBBB-BBBBBBB-BBBBBBB-BBBBBBB-BBBBBBB is "machineB" at [ipofmachineB:22000 dynamic]
[6HYH3] 12:00:41 INFO: Completed initial scan (ro) of folder Films

I’m going to addshare that folder with the remote host now and will keep you posted !

Thanks a lot for the idea !