Finishing flag or auto close

I wanna bump this request, because it’s very important for backup application, and very useful, a lot of users will use this Is there a finishing flag or auto close

You can can certainly bump as much as you like. :slight_smile: I explained in that thread why it’s not technically straightforward. If someone works through all those points and implements it I would consider it welcome enough, though.

Hm, I think it can be implemented easier than you think

We wait forever, until client convinced than he up to date to host. No need to unnecessary steps. Just exit program when up to date.

So exit on start-up? Because that’s the state you start with before connecting to anyone…

No, firstly wait for connection to anyone.

Sure, how long? Forever?

You can clearly see the questions in the other thread are not answered and are all subjective to preferences, which turns it into 10s of different knobs to tweak, at which point it’s easier for people to use the API and script up whatever they want.

yes, forever. lol just do it no matter how. Hmm are scripts on android is possible?

You can use tasker to script a one time shot sync on Android for example…

Tasker can’t know when syncthing finished sync

It can query http/s and act on the results. That’s what the rest api is good for.

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