Finding the right software for sharing a large number of photos and videos

I have a large (read: too big for the cloud) amount of photos and videos that I want to share with friends and family. I’m also concerned about privacy and want to control my own data. I’ve spent the last few days playing with ownCloud and to a lesser extent Seafile. ownCloud is complicated to set up/configure, and has performance issues on the hardware I’m using (odroid C1+, a small ARM board running Linux). Seafile seems to be missing features (adding an external folder from the server interface), but I need to verify that.

I’m starting to lean towards trying to configure a more custom solution with syncthing on the backend, and some sort of a file server on one of my nodes serving up the synced files. However, I’m having trouble finding appropriate web server software. I was thinking maybe Mediagoblin, but it’s more of a gallery, and doesn’t have functionality to make downloading easy. You’d have to go file by file. This is a common problem: you can find great galleries for showcasing media, or you can use FTP or something that’s great at downloading files, but doesn’t support previews/thumbnails. I have yet to find something good at both. I’m not opposed to building it myself, but I have a hard time believing such a thing doesn’t exist. Does anyone know of a good solution to this problem?

People using ownCloud front-end for galleries etc, and syncthing for transport.

There has to be something better than ownCloud for this (the frontend component). The interface is slow and the preview layout is awful. Plus video preview don’t allow seeking, etc.

Check out h5ai (demo) (although I don’t know about video preview). Access Control is done by .htaccess.

@wweich this sounds very promising, thanks!

This looks amazing, thanks!

Looks like video previews are supported.