find filenames in sycnthing database - physical folder accidentally moved around on storage

hi there syncthing support,

apparently some folder and sublevel folders were hopefully only totally moved around on the local storage and now a syncthing folder doesnt work any more as the path is not found and invalid any more.

any way i can query the syncthing database for filenames or even better list all this syncthing object/structures content as it is still stored in the syncthing metadata database? so that I can find my junk on my storage?

sorry to bother. thanks for helping out in this situation.

Its best to remove the folder and add it back at the new path, least likely to shoot yourself in the foot.

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hi there, thanks for the feedback, I actually took a look at your api stuff via

GET /rest/db/browse — Syncthing documentation

(plus the api key parameter)

and it showed the contents of that missing stuff. it wasnt clear what has been insode that folder so that was the first thing I tried to figure out, then by querying the syncthing database.

It was only like 7megabytes according to the synchting gui on the system and eventually I think I have figured out that this folder and content has been moved and cleaned up and I forgot about the syncthing ties to it. So I think I have sorted it out. Thanks again.

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