Filesystem watcher on Macbook M1

I’m syncing a small folder (in this case a KeePass database) between my Ubuntu 20.04 machine and new Macbook Air M1. I installed version 1.17.0 from homebrew on the Mac and have the same version on the Ubuntu box. Changes from the Linux folder are picked up and synced perfectly but it seems not so on the Mac. I have waited up to ten minutes with no sync taking place. Clicking Rescan on the Macbook causes the changes to sync instantly. Sounds like an issue with the filesystem watcher?

Make sure you are running the arm64 native version of Syncthing? I’m not sure what homebrew delivers.

Version v1.17.0, macOS (64-bit ARM)

Actually, drawing further on the memory from setting this up, there’s some care that needs to be taken if cross building Syncthing from AMD64 to ARM64. Probably they did not manage this properly. Try our binary release instead, that one works for me.

So I removed and added the Folder back on the Macbook. Seems to work fine now. Not sure why. Sorry for the confusion.

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