Filesystem watcher not working

Ref: Syncthing filesystem watcher seems broken on medium/large repos @CComparon are you still experiencing this problem? I’ve got a test pair of instances and have been able to re-create this problem and will work to drill down into what’s causing it. In my case I’m also ignoring a fair few files and folders so not sure if this is a factor.


Hi Adam, thanks for reaching out. Yes I’m still experiencing the problem. I need to manually trigger rescans on my windows machine because filesystem changes seem to be ignored on the entire share. My linux machine seems to detect filesystem changes just fine. Please let me know if I can provide any information that may help you. Cyril

How many files, folders and how much data is synced in the share?

Are you using ignore patterns? If so, how many entries and roughly how many files/folders would you estimate are ignored? Are you using any include directives e.g. !filename.txt?

Here is a screenshot of my synctrayzor with the metrics you asked for:

Also, attached is my .stignore file: .stignore (507 Bytes)

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To be thorough, the number of files+directories ~123000 on linux side is and ~3000 on windows side. Which seems strange as SyncTrayzor indicates 11317 files + 4169 dirs.

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Any news regarding this? Any exrtra info/help I may provide? Thanks Cyril

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