Files with german Umlauts (öäüß) keep causing sync-errors on linux

I know this issue arises with MAC-users, but the error “normalizing path: item is not in the correct UTF8 normalization form” happens to me in pure linux-environments as well :frowning:

All Systems are opensuse LEAP15 running either ext4 or xfs as filesystems

As soons as those letters (öäüß) happen in filenames - syncthing fails

version e.g. 1.20.4

You need to configure your system to use UTF-8, including potentially other systems if you access files over SMB or similar.

AFAICS all inflicted systems are UTF-8 (opensuse >= 15.3 )

further this applies on any accents as well ('`^)

#echo $LANG

Then those filenames come from a system with a different normalization, typically a Mac, and renaming them is the solution. (Or if they don’t, you need to figure out why they’re named according to a different standard than that in use on your system.)

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is there a way (via find) to identify such files ?

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