Files synced to NAS become read-only

First, thank you for this great software!

I use it to sync among

  • NAS (NSA325-v2)
  • Win8.1 PC #1
  • Win8.1 PC #2

versions: v0.14.23

A problem appears with files in folders set to read/write syncronisation: As files are synced to NAS, these files on NAS server become read-only. This is disturbing in case of excel files. The same thing occurs even if the original file was made on the NAS, then synced to the PC, then it was modified there and synced back to the NAS. You get a read-only file on NAS. NSA325-v2 has a Linux-ARM op. What should be amended in order that these files won’t change to read-only?

thanks gap

I suspect ACLs or excel locking magic. You can try setting ignore permissions.

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