Files randomly becoming "Out of sync" on Mac

A significant portion of my files are now “Out of sync”. I’m using Syncthing on two Macs and fsync() on iPhone and iPad. When other devices are connected, Syncthing on the main Mac shows random sync percentages for devices, like -72%. Having all devices online has not solved the problem; they sync for a while, then stop, then sync again, number of out of sync files changes from 7000 to 32000 (out of 21k total!), then drops to 6000, but never to zero. I don’t really understand what’s going on anymore.

Here are examples of log entries: [VYEIO] 2016/08/18 00:59:50.340121 leveldb_dbinstance.go:507: DEBUG: need folder=“CYxYp-6hupn” device=JXCHRZ2-D4Y2WOS-WOARDZW-Q26RGL7-TRSKJKK-EWIDRHC-ALDXXN7-6C4XTAS name=“code/ruby/adhearsion-asterisk/Gemfile” need=false have=false haveV={[]} globalV={[{12540421911682875918 1}]} [VYEIO] 2016/08/18 00:59:50.411835 leveldb_dbinstance.go:507: DEBUG: need folder=“CYxYp-6hupn” device=JXCHRZ2-D4Y2WOS-WOARDZW-Q26RGL7-TRSKJKK-EWIDRHC-ALDXXN7-6C4XTAS name=“ndk/libjpeg-turbo/.git/branches” need=true have=true haveV={[{4961585353588906995 4} {7437103538992890957 4} {12540421911682875918 1}]} globalV={[{4961585353588906995 5} {7437103538992890957 4} {12540421911682875918 1}]}

You don’t say what version of anything you’re running or how things are configured (“master” or not etc). That’s relevant.

Oh, right, sorry. Mac OS X 10.11.6, Syncthing 0.14.4 on both Macs faync() 1.8.1 on two iOS devices One shared folder, .stignore contains one entry: (?d).DS_Store Master is not set

Connecting/disconnecting all devices for a while finally brought the number down to 0. But still, thousands of files (that were not changed) become out of sync for extended periods of time when connecting devices - is it normal or should I check something? Negative percentages in sync status and number of out of sync files being higher than the total number of files seem like bugs; let me know if I should get an extended debug info for you next time I see this.

Uhh, I think fsync() probably doesn’t handle delta indexes well. We can only go as far as debugging syncthing, not fsync, as it’s closed source and not maintained by us.

Also, if no master is set, I suspect and the files are out of sync it should try to sync them or show errors why it can’t sync them.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think I’ve seen similar behavior before I linked fsync(). One of the computers just flags the entire folder as out of sync for a few seconds even though the real difference is <10 files.

It’s possible due to a mtime bug what was fixed, but not yet released, if it goes away after a short while.

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