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I have my work PC being synced to my unRaid server that is running the Syncthing docker. On my server all the files are being set to read only and I cannot figure out why. I went to the folder settings under ‘Actions>Advanced>“folder”>type=readwrite’ to make sure it was in readwrite.

What am I missing? All the files on my PC at work are readwrite so it is only when trying to access them on the server when I am at home or on the road.

Folder type is irrelevant for syncing permissions. It’s most likely you are trying to modify files as a different user from which syncthing is running from, or the other side actually has them set to read only.

okay, I have the work pc read as readwrite so that is not the issue.

I am accessing the files on the server with my home computer. So do I need to figure out user permissions?

You need to check which user syncthing is running as, as I suspect it’s not the same you are using to access the files.

Okay, so I’m not very knowledgeable of linux and what not. How do I see what user it is running as?

I have it set up in a docker in unRaid so would it be running under “nobody” or “root”?

These are questions that are not really related to syncthing, so I am sure a quick google search can help you answer that.

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