Files hidden in Mac and Windows

I am using Syncthing (in docker on both ends) to sync files between Unraid and Truenas SMB shares. After the sync is done, a few files show up as hidden in Mac and Windows, however, on Linux, there is no problem. How can I rectify this issue? Any help will be appreciated.

Could you list exactly what kind of files are hidden? In Windows, you can change Explorer settings to display hidden files, or you can run dir /ah /b /s <folder-in-question> from the command line to list all hidden elements.

Syncthing by default hides .stfolder, .stignore, .stversions, and also incomplete downloads, which in Windows are named ~syncthing~<file>.tmp.

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The folder I am looking has .mp4 and .srt files hidden. I understand we can access hidden files, but I am trying to avoid files getting hidden in the first place.

Only the Windows version of Syncthing has code to set the hidden attribute. Presumably you’re running the Linux version of Syncthing in Docker, and there there is no such thing. So I’m not sure how your files end up hidden.

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