Files get deleted from Android and recreated with empty files

I’m using syncthing for obsidian. I have a mac and Android device to sync between.

When I make any changes in android the the settings related files .obsidian folder an files inside are getting replaced with what is in Android which was empty once. What I’m expecting is to get the files of Mac to be now updated with Android.

Have tried a bunch of things in settings and able to consistently reproduce this.

Finally decided to use the ignoreDelete flag in Mac.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks. :pray:

Can you reproduce it without it being the Obsidian settings files? I don’t use Obsidian, but I can see there being all kinds of issues having Syncthing touch settings files for a (running) app, if that app tries to load, process and rewrite the files at the same time Syncthing does. Adding Android to the mix doesn’t help, unfortunately…

Yes, when I’m not touching the settings files(.obsidian folder) everything is sweet and nice. Only when introducing the settings folder of Android, these funny things come into existence.

Thanks for the quick response @calmh :pray:

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