Files being deleted

One of my computers is deleting files from my synced folders and those are being propagated to my other devices. This is across multiple folders, and the files it chooses appear to be completely random.

I am 100% sure that I these files are not purposely being deleted. These are files I haven’t even viewed for a very long time - the only reason I became aware that they were deleted was because they appeared in SyncTrayzor’s notification tray.

I have since looked at the .stversions folder (I have simple file versioning turned on) in my different synced folders and found a number of files that had been deleted without my knowledge.

This is a really bad scenario for a syncing software to have - what options should I turn on in the log so that I can hopefully figure out what is going on and prevent this.

Attached is the log for the device that is deleting the files.

It now occurs to me that maybe this is a device error - perhaps my hard drive is dying…

syncthing.log (533.9 KB)

You may have an incorrect path, i.e. \?\D:\eptesicus_forest_collab\

No… other files in the same folder are fine.

I’m actually thinking it’s some sort of disk error now - as those files are corrupted/not readable on the problem device. However, I would prefer that a disk error or file corruption on one device shouldn’t cause the files to be deleted on the other devices.

There’s a post on a github issue by @calmh somewhere explaining why this is remarkably hard to do - detecting all the different failure modes when trying to access a file is painful. I can’t for the life of me find it though…

Disk diagnostics would prob help?

It depends on how the file is reported. This is a major reason why ST is not suitable for backups. if the OS tells Syncthing it can’t read the file because it doesn’t exist it will be synced as a delete. If ST can read the file but the data is corrupted it will be syncronised to the other devices corrupting them as well.

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